Fullerton College Umoja Community Program: A Wholistic Student Support ProgramUMOJA VILLAGE SPACE: 1900 BUILDING, ROOM 1903-04
(Located in between Baseball Field & Aquatic Center/Swimming Pool)

***If you are a Winter 23 or Spring 2024 graduate, please contact the Umoja office directly to participate in the ceremony @ [email protected]

Program Requirements: Remain an active Umoja Scholar by completing our requirements per semester

Meet with an Umoja Academic Counselor once a semester; and
Attend at least TWO program activities (workshops, events, and/or Porch Talks) per semester.

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Academic Counseling: Spring 2024 Umoja counseling appointments are available

Personal Therapy: To schedule an appointment with a mental health professional at Behavioral Health Services, please call (714) 992-7093.

Umoja Wellness Workshops are being offered Spring 2024 by the Umoja Community Therapist

Wellness Appointments: Spring 2024 Wellness Appointments are available

Programs and Events!

Umoja Game Night - Family Feud Happening the Week Before Finals: Date TBA

Services and Resources

**Nourish the Soul Grocery Gift Cards are now available for Fall 2024!
Flex your style Clothing Gift Cards Available *limited supply
More to be announced soon!

Campus Resources

Additional Resources


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