Fullerton College Umoja Community Program: A Wholistic Student Support ProgramUMOJA VILLAGE SPACE: 1900 BUILDING, ROOM 1903-04
(Located in between Baseball Field & Aquatic Center/Swimming Pool)

Program Requirements: Remain an active Umoja Scholar by completing our requirements per semester

Meet with an Umoja Academic Counselor once a semester; and
Attend at least TWO program activities (workshops, events, and/or Porch Talks) per semester.

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Academic Counseling: Return Fall 2023. More to be announced.

Personal Therapy: To schedule an appointment with a mental health professional at Behavioral Health Services, please call (714) 992-7093.
Please note - Therapy appointments conclude on Thursday, May 18th. Summer 2023 support to be announced. Any blood work and TB appointments conclude the week of May 1, 2023.

Programs and Events!

Wednesday, June 14, 2-4 PM | Pre-Juneteenth Mixer | Umoja Village Space (Building 1900, Room 1904)

Wednesday, June 21, 1-3 PM | UCEF Alumni Chat | Umoja Village Space (Building 1900, Room 1904)

Services and Resources

Nourish the Soul Grocery Gift Cards have concluded for Spring 2023.
More to be announced for Fall 2023.

Campus Resources

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